Wednesday, April 16, 2008

STAN IDE free for Open Source

I am happy to announce the availability of free STAN IDE licenses for Open Source projects.

For those who don't know: STAN IDE is the Eclipse 3.3+ integrated product variant. STAN IDE provides its own perspective, showing various dependency graphs, ranking metric violations, generating HTML reports, etc. STAN adds a launch configuration type for Structure Analysis to the IDE, thereby allowing to run an analysis directly from the Java Package Explorer. See for further information.

By sharing STAN IDE, we aim to support the Open Source community in general and the Eclipse community in particular. So, if you are managing an Open Source project and would like to utilize STAN IDE, please submit your proposal to info at stan4j dot com, providing
  • the name of your project,
  • a short project description,
  • the Web URL of your project,
  • the status of your project.

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Mindy said...

People should read this.